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It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Blogging

I don’t own a computer. I write long hand on a yellow legal pad. I don’t watch any TV. I rarely go to movies and I don’t subscribe to any magazines. I only recently purchased a cell phone at the insistence of my daughter who wanted me to have one, at least for traveling. I’m roughly 53 years behind the curve in terms of technology and popular culture. And, yet, “Look ma no hands. I’m blogging.” So, as we used to say in Brooklyn, “Wha’ happened?”

Wha' happened is I wrote a book, Sit Ubu Sit, which is coming out February 5th. And, evidently a lot of people, I mean really a lot, do use the Internet as a way to communicate with each other. Who knew? So, here I am. And, so here you are, I guess, if you’re reading this. So, what is it I want to blog you?

I hope you like the book. I guess that’s first. No, I hope you buy the book. That has to be first. But, if you do buy it and don’t like it I’ll be sad because it’s very personal. The story of my accidental career in show business. My 40 year love affair with my wife Diana, and, of course there’s a lot in there about Ubu and Michael J. Fox with whom I also am in love.

I like one thing about the book. After 35 years in show business I have no really terrible stories to tell. No mean gossip or tales of back-stabbing and betrayal. Some minor annoyances, but you get those in any business. Mostly I’ve been treated with kindness and respect. Been lucky to be around some lovely and extremely talented show business folk. And, both my daughters grew up to be writers. And, the men they’ve partnered with are also writers. And, I love them all – a lot.

Wow! That got very personal very fast. That can happen in a blog they tell me. Maybe it’s even supposed to. This seems like a lot for a first time discussion. So, I’ll stop now. Maybe I’ll write another one tomorrow. I still have a lot of legal pads in my drawer.


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It was great to see you and the cast of Family Ties reunite on the Today Show. I wish it could have been longer and am looking forward to reading your book.

Thanks for all of the great shows -- Family Ties, Spin City, Brooklyn Bridge!


I have finished "Sit Ubu Sit", and I really feel compelled to write and convey what a thoroughly enjoyable read it was.

I work in a "major" bookstore, and get the opportunity to read most anything that is available, due to my great love of "Family Ties", and "Spin City", I leapt at the chance to read a first hand account of how the shows came about, from the view of the creator.

I knew there was a good chance of liking the book due to the subject matter, but I was not prepared for how engrossed I would become.

If you don't find yourself at the end of the book having had laughed or at least welled up with a tear once or twice, check yourself for a pulse.

This book is just plain good, and reassuring. It turns out that good things do happen to good people, there are nice people in the entertainment industry (not just the author either), and true love and happy endings do exist.

A little advice, next time you you can't turn the t.v. on without getting pummeled by "starlets in peril", or "young,wealthy, actors and their demands", turn off the set and read this book. Then turn it back on and find a rerun of Family Ties, Spin City, or Brooklyn Bridge.

Jennie Christian:

I left you a letter also, but need to apologize for one thing in advance. Who's the old, dead guy who said, "neither a borrower nor a lender be"? Well, he could not have foreseen my poverty level, and I have to borrow all my books and am greatful to the Casper library for it's lenient lending policies. As I stated (possibly overly so) in my note to you, I loved your book to distraction. Thank you so very much.


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